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Rain returns as early as Wednesday afternoon

04/20/2016 6:40pm

Chief Weather Forecaster Michael Behrens has the latest forecast, which includes some rain, as he wraps up his last broadcast shift with NewsLink Indiana. Michael will graduate in May after 5 years forecasting with NLI.

WCRD & NLI become Weather-Ready Nation Ambassadors

04/07/2016 11:24pm

MUNCIE, IN (WCRD/NewsLink Indiana) -- The Weather teams at WCRD 91.3 FM and NewsLink Indiana are pleased to announce that as of today, both organizations have officially been recognized as NOAA Weather-Ready Nation Ambassadors.

Severe Weather Week Wrap Up

03/27/2016 3:46am

MUNCIE, IN (WCRD Weather) -- Indiana Severe Weather Preparedness Week has officially come to an end, but this is the perfect time to recap everything that we covered this week.

Severe Weather Week - Recovery

03/27/2016 1:41am

WCRD Weather Forecasters Chelsea Smith and Kendra Rauner share some tips on safety during the recovery period immediately following severe weather.

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