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Galvanizing the campus

01/14/2016 1:43pm

Searching for signatures in the cold, stripping down and being written on outside the library, and marching around campus. These student groups won’t just sit around–they are taking action

Millennials and Culture

12/08/2015 3:48pm

This week, Ball Bearings takes a closer look at the way Millennials view race, culture, and tradition

The Selfie Generation

02/13/2017 4:20pm

Many label Millennials as plastered to social media, yet many are using technology to help others heal, grow, and promote change

The Digital Native: Millennials and Technology

10/05/2015 2:30pm

Both born in the same time period, Millennials and technology go hand in hand. Editor-in-Chief Miranda Carney and Senior Editor Jeremy Ervin discuss the myths and truths of Millennials in the digital world, which is the focus of the third online edition of Ball Bearings Magazine. Commonly referred to as “digital natives,” the magazine explores what it really means to grow up alongside the Internet

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