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Week of weather whiplash

02/11/2019 6:48pm

Rapid changes in temperature and several types of precipitation are in store this week. Weather Forecaster Gabe Prough breaks it down.

Dangerous cold coming

01/28/2019 8:31pm

As the rain and snow moves out, cold temperatures are moving in. Weather Forecaster Gabe Prough has the details.

Slick roads possible tonight

01/24/2019 5:42pm

Weather Forecaster Gabe Prough details the chilly temperatures and potential for slick roads tonight.

Rainy, windy day tomorrow

11/05/2018 7:20pm

A rainy, windy evening and day tomorrow are in store. Weather Forecaster Gabe Prough has the details.

Dry, cool week ahead

10/22/2018 6:59pm

Dry but conditions cooler than average are expected through the rest of the week; get the details here.