Constance Harcourt

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Local band writes EP for people, love of music, "the groove"

02/12/2015 8:01am

Matt Mellen starts moving his body side to side with his arms bent in front of his face. He looks up, smiles and says, “The music we write is the music that gets people to do this -- getting into the groove." His band mate, Brandon Brookshear nods his head in silent agreement.

The social network

11/20/2013 12:15pm

Students may get in tune with the social event network that is hooking up students from seven universities in Indiana with buzz-worthy happenings.

Students' guide to activism

11/05/2013 12:11am

Students have seen their fair share of mock waterboarding, giant posters of mangled fetuses and shouting this semester as protests and demonstrations have landed on campus.