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Earl Sweatshirt returns with a new sound for hip/hop on ‘Some Rap Songs’

12/07/2018 1:47pm

Earl Sweatshirt has created an original tragedy with 'Some Rap Songs.'  The instrumentals establish tones that are complemented perfectly by the  lyrics and samples. His performances and flows across the album make  each song stand out on its own where not one song sounds the same on the  record. Even though the record is 25 minutes, it feels full, making it  an accomplishment in modern hip-hop.  

J Mascis welcomes you to a dark, mellow, and easy-going world on ‘Elastic Days’

11/25/2018 11:01pm

 ‘Elastic Days’ is a moody, soft, and introspective album. The  instrumentation helps put the listener into the world that the lyrics  paint. The guitar solos are crisp and effective in bringing out the  emotion of the lyrics. The contributors to the record add enough extra  layers to certain songs to help expand the album’s sound. Near the end  of the album, the music tires out and kept me wanting something  different in sound.  

Outrageous, funny, and surprisingly compelling: Tenacious D’s ‘Post-Apocalypto’

11/11/2018 9:02pm

 ‘Post-Apocalypto’ is a silly but hilarious album. The instrumentals have  an excellent flow and include ferocious vocal performance from Black,  Gass, and Grohl, but the end of the album falls flat with a lack of  context and music. However, it is still a Tenacious D album and holds  true to their rock/metal sound and outrageous lyrics creating a very  funny, and enjoyable experience.