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 Mary Taylor, a junior acting major, sings the song "Popular" from "Wicked" with fellow acting major sophomore Cody Alexander. Taylor sang her song with much vigor, despite being distracted by her male counterpart. DN PHOTO JORDAN HUFFER

Muncie Civic hosts burlesque show

A silver tinsel backdrop with the words “Star Follies” lit up to reveal an assortment of characters spaced among the stage, each representing an act that one would see at a circus freak show, the theme for the seventh annual Star Follies Burlesque event Friday night.Emcee Amanda Hummer, of Muncie, came out singing about her companions onstage behind her at the Muncie Civic Theatre.

Dancers grace the stage for the Star Follies Burlesque show at Muncie Civic Theatre on Oct. 3. DN PHOTO JORDAN HUFFE

Burlesque show to entertain muncie locals, students

Muncie Civic Theatre will continue its long history of a burlesque theatre by playing host to the annual Star Follies Burlesque show tonight, a concept created four years ago by Ball State graduates Robert Dirden and Marcie Greene, now current Ball State faculty members.

Isaac Slade and The Fray perform at the concert on Sept. 10 at John R. Emens Auditorium. DN PHOTO BREANNA DAUGHERTY

The Fray performs at Emens Auditorium

Purple and gold lights flickered, mixing with the fog drifting down from the ceiling onto the stage below.Excited chatter, accompanied by the flashes from selfies being taken, filled Emens Auditorium Wednesday night in anticipation of the world famous band, The Fray.

The term

Weekend Bar Crawl

Looking to relieve some stress? Tired of being cooped up inside? Get out and experience the Muncie nightlife, but here’s how to save a few bucks. Savage’s Ale House Friday $1 off Random Rotator Saturday $1 off Upland Draft Sunday $1 off Founders Brewery The Locker Room Friday $3 U-Calls $10 Redd’s buckets $6 Red Bull vodka pitcher $8 Captain pitchers Saturday $3 Whiskey U-Calls $3.50 Vegas Bombs $2.50 Coronas $10 Domestic buckets $3 Long Island Iced Teas Sunday $2 Wells $5 Domestic pitcher $5 Premium Mini pitcher $1 Locker Room pints Scotty’s Brewhouse Friday $20 101-ounce Domestic table top taps $25 101-ounce Thr3e Wise Men table top taps Saturday $6 48-ounce Lime-A-Rita and Straw-Ber-Rita pitchers $20 101-ounce Domestic table top taps $25 101-ounce Thr3e Wise Men table top taps $6 Thr3e Wise Men bullet fills $10 Thr3e Wise Men growler fills Sunday $2.50 Thr3e Wise men pints $6 48-ounce Lime-A-Rita and Straw-Ber-Rita pitchers Dill Street Grill and Bar Friday Penny pitchers Saturday Long Island Iced Tea pitchers and Well pitchers No cover

Sophomore computer science major Cole Ludwig, left, and sophomore criminal justice major Spencer Sabinske fence with sabres on Jan. 28 in the Student Recreation and Wellness Center during a fencing club meeting. DN PHOTO JONATHAN MIKSANEK

En garde!

The clanging of metal against metal and the rubbery squeaks of Chuck Taylor sneakers filled the room as students dueled, shuffling back and forth and brandishing their weapons.

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