SHORT STACKS: Tips for tailgating

Tailgating, while a long-time favored tradition amongst football fans, is an art. There may not be specific rules, but there are guidelines that can be helpful.

Clothing Options

Do: Dress in your team's colors and show your school and team spirit. Nobody wants to tailgate with an average Joe dressed in jeans and a plain T-shirt.

Don’t: That being said, although it may seem like a good idea, never go shirtless or use body paint. It’s messy and there are some people who you just do not want to see shirtless.

Helpful Tip: Add a little more flair to your outfit for the big game and add colored beads, temporary tattoos or ribbons. 


Do: Arrive early and obtain a prime parking space for the maximum tailgating experience. Try to park near a grassy area or the end of a row.

Don’t: Use more than one parking space. Don’t be that person who spreads out his entire tailgate. There are other people trying to have a good time, too.

Helpful Tip: Clean up your tailgate area before you leave. This is simply a courtesy to the school who owns the parking lot in which you’ve been partying.


Do: Plan your food menu ahead of time. Know what you’d like to serve and do prep work at least one or two days before the big game.

Don’t: Forget to pack the essentials such as condiments, napkins, plates, cups and utensils.

Helpful Tip: Ask people who you know are participating in your tailgate to help you with the food prep. Chances are, they’ll be more than willing to help out.


Do: Make sure you have enough seating for the anticipated amount of people attending your tailgate. Nobody wants to go around with the word “Igloo” imprinted on their behind for the rest of the day.

Don’t: Be disrespectful to the people you tailgate with, as well as the people around you. Pay attention to your surroundings. It’s OK to join in on others' tailgates, but just be courteous.

Helpful Tip: If there are older family and friends with you, offer them a seat to sit in. Politeness is still alive and well here.

REMINDER: This weekend is Family Weekend. Maintain a sense of dignity and pride when tailgating with family and friends. Set an example for our school. Save the wild partying for later in the evening.


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