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Why the iPhone 8 may cost more than $1000

Apple is a company that likes to price their devices relatively high. With some people posting concerns about the new Macbook Pro prices, the rumors of the max out spec’d upcoming iPhone 8 will be over $1000. This will be Apple’s 10th-anniversary iPhone and the successor to the iPhone 7 Plus, which when spec’d out was roughly over $950.


Twitter to add new abusive content management features

Today, in a blog post, Twitter announced they will be releasing three new features that will help them in their fight against ‘abusive content’ on their platform. This comes after a few high profile users have been suspended from the platform after racist remarks. Suspended users include: former Business Insider executive, Pax Dickinson, Richard Spencer, of the “alt-right” organization called the National Policy Institute, and British journalist and public speaker, Milo Yiannopoulos, who got permanently banned after he posted tweets that seem to direct racist targeting to the Ghostbustersstar, Leslie Jones. First, Twitter will continue to keep these banned users from creating new accounts, though they did not explain this process. Creating a new account under a fake name seems to be a work around, so this process is yet to be understood.


The Selfie Generation

Many label Millennials as plastered to social media, yet many are using technology to help others heal, grow, and promote change


Walking Disaster

A recent study by Ohio State University shows injuries involving cellphone use while walking more than doubled between 2005 and 2010. People ages 16 to 25 are most at risk for cellphone related injuries while walking.


​Concepts and Reality

Using cardboard, Alejandro Corpus developed a recyclable phone case. Inspired by technology and the website Kickstarter, he considered the design more than just a class project. Instead he saw it as a business opportunity.


The E-Cig Effect

Large racks of e-cigarette oils line a section of the wall, organized by flavors. A central display case houses different modules and batteries for the e-cigarettes, and a tasting station is assembled for customers to try as many flavors as they want.


PREVIEW: Evolve Big Alpha

Evolve just might be the best multiplayer experience I’ve ever had, but only when everyone who is playing is on the same page. My very first match, I played as the Goliath. It’s an experience unlike any other to go from the tense feeling of stalking through the jungle, feeding and evolving, and then going through moments of pure terror as you hear a hunter shout out “I see him!” Even better is the adrenaline rush of the final confrontation. The monster reaching its final evolution, the hunters retreating back into a defensible position, waiting for the monster to make its move, and then the sheer chaos of the monster launching its assault was one of the most tense and exciting finales I have ever experienced in gaming. When the match ended, my hands were shaking and I had a smile on my face.

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