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'Tom Clancy's The Division' is worth the wait

@GalledGiatric I knew I was going to review Tom Clancy’s The Division from the moment I watched the announcement at E3 three years ago. Watching those Division agents fight through the streets of New York was absolutely enthralling, and seeing the level of detail that the devs at Ubisoft Massive put into every aspect of the reveal was amazing. Incredibly, despite three years of anticipation and Ubisoft’s consistent failures to live up to their E3 promises, The Division is a flawed gem that exceeded my expectations. Movie Pilot Manhattan is dying The very first steps you take into Manhattan are over body bags on Chelsea’s Pier. Stepping over body bags and staring at the Manhattan skyline through a veil of snow set a very distinct and powerful tone in the first real moments of The Division. When this tone is maintained, which it unfortunately isn’t in much of the side content, The Division is one of the most immersive and interesting games I’ve played in a long time. Exploring an absurdly accurate Manhattan and learning what happened to the populace in the time immediately before and after the cataclysmic “Dollar Flu” hit is powerful. Neogaf Forum Even the collectibles help flesh out this beautiful and bleak world.

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