DC’s ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ season 4 recap

The wacky, time-traveling antics of ‘DC’s Legends of Tomorrow’–which happens to be the lightest aspect of the CW’s ‘Arrowverse’–returns Monday, April first. So, now would be a very good time to do a recap of the first half of the show’s fourth season. Let’s go, Legends!

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Animator for 'Pocahontas,' 'An American Tale,' 'The Land Before Time' and others visits Ball State

Ball State’s School of Art has been inviting different artists to speak this semester. Thursday, March 28, John Pomeroy gave a talk to aspiring animators and artists. Pomeroy was trained directly by several of Walt Disney’s Nine Old Men, an elite group of employees during Disney’s early years. Some of his most popular animated work is included in Pocahontas, Land Before Time and An American Tail. 

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‘Queer Eye’ is as strong and gay as ever on its third season

 As 'Queer Eye' reaches its third season, the reality TV show has reached a satisfying consistency through a tried and true formula. But even if this new season isn’t subverting any expectations, the show’s incredibly strong Fab Five and their determination to help in ways deeper than simply a new living room, a new suit, and a salad recipe make up for it. 


How It's Played S3E5: Google Announces Stadia

Welcome to this week's episode of How It's Played! Google announced Stadia, a new venture in cloud gaming. How will this service run within the Chrome browser? Will this service receive widespread support, or is this another crazy idea by Google? All of this and more on this week's episode of How It's Played.

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