Amazing opportunities await you in the Ball State Graduate School

Earn your next degree with great programs and support


Wherever you are in your current degree program—even if you’re a freshman or sophomore—it’s not too early to ask, “What comes next?” 

Ball State University’s Graduate School has many potential answers for you, offering more than 100 master’s, doctoral, and specialist degrees and advanced certificates in a wide variety of high-demand fields. A number of programs are ranked among the nation’s best. 

When you pursue a graduate education at Ball State, you’ll benefit from flexible study options, exceptional support and wellness resources, special leadership development opportunities, and collaborative learning experiences. Our world-class faculty will treat you as a learning partner and empower you to grow, gain specialized knowledge and skills, and reach your career goals.

Supporting you is our priority. Discover all of the advantages available to students in the Ball State Graduate School:

On Campus + Online—Flexible course options let you decide how to take your graduate classes—on campus, online, or a combination of both. You’ll gain a quality education that meets your schedule.

A Faster Master’s—In several areas of study, our Accelerated Master’s Program (AMP) allows Ball State undergraduate students to start early on a graduate degree, saving time and money.

Career Prep—Our Graduate Opportunity and Leadership Development (GOLD) program helps you build key skills in the areas of career success, communication, inclusion, research, teaching, and wellness.

Wellness Culture—With the Graduate Student Wellness Initiative (GSWI), you gain practical strategies to improve your overall health and wellness in your personal and professional life.

Inclusive Mentoring—Our Pathways Project matches students from marginalized backgrounds with faculty, staff, community, and alumni mentors for one-on-one support and skill building.

Financial Support—Research funding grants and graduate assistantships provide important financial resources and meaningful professional opportunities for your graduate education.

Real Experience—Hands-on professional, clinical, research, teaching, or creative experiences in your degree program give you access to state-of-the-art facilities and advanced equipment on campus.

Immersive Learning—Unique immersive learning projects allow you to work collaboratively with peers to solve a problem for an actual client or community, gaining real-world skills and career connections.

Elevate your future and advance your career by earning your next degree at Ball State. Discover everything the Graduate School can offer you at and apply for a program today!

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