The Madjax sign sits on the corner of South Madison and East Jackson streets. Madjax Maker Force was originally called Gearbox Muncie: A Maker Hub, but the name changed in 2016 to better reflect the mission of the space. Rylan Capper, DN

Muncie’s Maker Force

A former 80,000-square-foot laundry facility in Muncie holds limitless possibilities.  Boombox music fills the second floor while artists move tables to set up for First Thursday, a monthly event to draw people to explore art and culture downtown. A woodworker helps children build birdhouses while Steven Knipp colors hair in his salon a few doors down. Adjacent businesses invite people in for gift shopping or ax throwing.


Habitat’s Heroine

With a bottle of water, reading materials and a phone charging on the table beside her, Sharon Kay Brown sits in her favorite rocking chair every Tuesday evening and tunes into NBC’s “Chicago Fire.”


Writing their next chapter

There’s Sarah, whose mother tries to drown her; Bruno, who sneaks into a concentration camp to help a Jewish boy; and Katniss, who volunteers to take her sister’s place in an annual event where 24 kids fight each other to their deaths.


Decade in review

With the 2020s soon approaching, Ball State President Geoffrey Mearns reflected on the successes of the university in the past decade, things to improve on and the roadmap for the future.  

Kileah Adkins tickles Lucien Miller after putting on his pajamas April 11, 2019, at their apartment in Muncie, Indiana. Rebecca Slezak, DN

The balancing act

At nearly 5 a.m. every morning, Kileah Adkins’ alarm — a small voice full of more energy than she’ll have all day — sounds from beside her bouncing in bed waiting for mommy. 

Then-junior student and Ball State VMC president Mary Posner still has the 'strike' shirt she wore to the Vietnam "teach-in" demonstration Ball State held in response to Kent State shootings on May 7, 1970. Photo provided, Mary Posner

Kent State spurs Ball State into action

Imagine a sea of Ball State students gathering in front of the Arts Terrace at the David Owsley Museum of Art, not for graduation, but demonstration. At 10:30 a.m. May 7, 1970, a student yelled into a microphone, “Ball State, where are you?” 

The Rocky Horror Picture Show Shadow Cast rehearses a scene before the show on Monday Oct 31.

'Don't dream it, be it': 'Rocky Horror' becomes place for students to fit in

Olivia Germann felt out of place as a highschooler in Downer’s Grove, Illinois — a village near Chicago. She realized she was pansexual (meaning she is attracted to any sex or gender), and most of her friends were straight. But if there was one place she fit in, it was at her hometown’s “Rocky Horror Picture Show” Shadow Cast show.

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