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A jammer from Cornfed Roller Derby All-Stars makes her way around the circle Feb. 18. There is one jammer from each team during each jam, or round, of roller derby. Elissa Maudlin, DN.

Cornfed Roller Derby All-Stars defeat Rockford Rage Roller Derby at home

The wheels of skates scratch the hard flooring of the Delaware County Fairgrounds Memorial Building. Whistles blow from the referees, often shouting things to the players. Bodies push, collide and fall abruptly to the ground with a sharp thud. The crowd cheers and grimaces. The Cornfed Roller Derby All-Stars played Rockford Rage Roller Derby on Feb. 18. Cornfed maintained a steady win against Rockford throughout the bout in a game of high-speed skating, shoving and scoring.

The vehicle accidents occurred at I69 SB near the 229 mile marker at 4:45 p.m. Photo provided by Todd Harmeson.

Car crashes occur on I-69

 A single vehicle accident occurred at I69 SB near the 229 mile marker at 4:45 p.m. Several other vehicles had a separate, minor accidents as a result of the first accident. 

Protesters gather at Muncie City Hall for a protest against Police Brutality on Feb. 5. 2023. Olivia Ground, DN

Protesters chant outside Muncie City Hall in “Unite Against Police Brutality” protest.

As a member of the Party of Socialism and Liberation in Muncie, Indiana, Mark Elliott gathered with around a dozen other people, held a sign and stood outside of the City Council building in the “Unite Against Police Brutality” protest Feb. 5. The two most prevalent signs at the protest read “Justice for Tyre Nichols. Jail Killer Cops!” and “The people demand: End Police Terror.”

Team Kentucky blocks and prepares for Team Indiana's jammer to try to get through them Dec.10 at the Delaware County Fairgrounds. In roller derby, jammers are the only ones who get points for their team by passing the blockers. Elissa Maudlin, DN

Indiana defeats Kentucky at Delaware County Fairgrounds

The whistle blows. Skates screech on the floor. Two players with stars on their helmets attempt to push through the opposing team, ready to burst their way through a human-made wall. Shoulders shove, players use the back of their bodies to block aggressively, as one starred player forces their way past the others and lunges forward with momentum around the circle that acts as a field.

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