NICK AND TIRED: Your third-party vote doesn't matter

We owe Bernie Sanders for getting young people fired up about politics. But in the end, he didn’t win the Democratic nomination. What does this mean for Sanders supporters come Nov. 8? Some are siding with Hillary Clinton, at the behest of Sanders. Others felt angered that Sanders, in their words, sold out to the establishment.

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Gubernatorial candidates on the issues

The gubernatorial race has had been a lot more civil compared to the presidential race while focusing on the issues. Democrat John Gregg, Libertarian Rex Bell and Republican Eric Holcomb are all on Indiana’s ticket for governor and the last day to vote is at the polls on Nov. 8.

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Senate candidates on the issues

Ball State students will be able to cast their ballot for candidates who want to represent Indiana in the United States Senate on Nov. 8 if they haven’t already through early voting. The race is between Democrat Evan Bayh, Libertarian Lucy Brenton and Republican Todd Young.

Gary Younge, editor-at-large for the Guardian, is interested in hearing what people think about issues such as the Black Lives Matter movement, LGBT issues, transgender studies, slut walks and more during the current election. Younge is focusing on issues that people in Muncie, the Middletown, want to hear about. theguardian.com // Photo Courtesy

Guardian journalist focuses on Muncie in election series

American elections aren't overly interesting to Gary Younge, editor-at-large for the Guardian. What is interesting to him, however, are the issues. The Black Lives Matter movement, LGBT issues, transgender studies, slut walks — the things that bring people together and incite passion. 

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