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Visceral Games closed by Electronic Arts

With Star Wars Battlefront, EA’s other Star Wars game, filling the role of team-based online shooting game a la Battlefield or Call of Duty, what gameplay niche will this new game fill?

#NoMoreNazis is somehow controversial

There’s also a really good reason for continually making players shoot Nazis in the head: they’re the ultimate villain. On a fundamental level they represent the worst that mankind is capable of, and there should be something cathartic in destroying that.  So when people call out Wolfenstein II for encouraging the lurid killing of Nazis, they’re missing the point of killing Nazis.

'The Witches' Tea Party' casts a spell that captures attention

The game was published by Rabbiton and developed with RPG Maker and is a casual indie game that is story driven, and sets out on a short but absorbing plot filled with the drama of each witch’s past. There is no combat; the game is mainly based around puzzles, small detective segments, and storytelling. It’s cute, and sometimes very creepy.