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‘Climax’ is a nightmarish, wild acid trip

03/27/2019 12:18pm

 All in all, 'Climax' is a beautiful, horrific trip. Gaspar Noé’s use of  choreography, cinematography, and visuals make the movie worth  experiencing; however, its brutal, disturbing content will turn off  some. 

‘Polar’ is all style, no substance

02/06/2019 7:41pm

 'Polar' is a movie that is trying to ride off the coattails of the  better-made action films like 'John Wick.' The visual aesthetic and  music, solid acting, and occasional well-done action scenes cannot make  up for the lackluster plot and underdeveloped characters. The movie is  worth a watch on Netflix, but there other, better action films out there  to watch.