Daniel O’Connell

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‘Polar’ is all style, no substance

02/06/2019 7:41pm

 'Polar' is a movie that is trying to ride off the coattails of the  better-made action films like 'John Wick.' The visual aesthetic and  music, solid acting, and occasional well-done action scenes cannot make  up for the lackluster plot and underdeveloped characters. The movie is  worth a watch on Netflix, but there other, better action films out there  to watch. 

‘Red Dead Redemption 2’ is a wild, wild western adventure that succeeds its predecessor

11/11/2018 8:55pm

 ‘Red Dead Redemption II’ is nothing short of excellent. Arthur Morgan  and the members of the Van Der Linde gang are engaging characters to  follow. The amount of detail placed into every aspect of the game is  nothing short of inspiring. And the gameplay is fun and action packed,  making one feel like they’re in a western movie. It marks another hit  from Rockstar Games.