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More than just brawlers: these are the cutest ‘Smash Ultimate’ characters

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Over its 20-year history, Smash Bros. has gone beyond a simple fighting game. Smash Bros. brings Nintendo icons to a celebration of gaming history that transcends anything Masahiro Sakurai had originally envisioned. There is no other franchise where global phenomenons like Final Fantasy, Street Fighter, and even Metal Gear Solid can all cross paths and present a small piece of their historical influence. Truly, Super Smash Bros. is the most ambitious crossover of all time.

So with a new roster addition arriving to the Switch, we decided to take a look at the current selection of characters and decide which of these fighters could also win on the runway.


Image from Pokemon

We all know that the best way to make something that already seems to be at the pinnacle of adorableness cuter is to simply turn it into a baby, and that is exactly what Nintendo did with Pichu. Simply take a Pikachu, the mascot of the most lucrative entertainment property, and make them into a toddler. This foot-high “tiny mouse” pokemon is everything that its subsequent evolution Pikachu is but hyper-concentrated into a single ball of yellow fur. They are adorable to the point where they do not even know how to handle their own power; they just so happen to damage themselves while competing in Smash.

Like a single bow on top of an incredible birthday present, this little rebel is rocking a cool red bandanna. However, Pichu is not showing allegiance to team magma with this choice of dress, they’re forging their own path. No matter how down I feel, this wonderful little electric type never ceases to put a smile across my face. Pink cheeks, mitten-like paws, and an inviting appearance that never shies away from an intense war face all make for the fighter that would make the best friend in the world. – Blake


Image from Nintendo

We all know pink is the cutest color that exists. Kirby is basically just a fluffy pink ball with pink shoes on, what’s not to love? This little pink fluff ball came from space and started wrecking the world with how cute they are.

Kirby loves to eat, which means they probably know where all the best restaurants around are. That makes Kirby a wonderful companion in life. Kirby uses those eating skills in battle too, making them incredibly powerful.

Banjo and Kazooie

Image from Smash Wiki

While picking a combatant that just so happens to be two characters in one may sound like a cheap selection, Banjo and Kazooie is arguably the cutest tandem of them all. This team, comprised of a fuzzy teddy bear and a sassy breegull, rightfully deserves a spot on this list for a number of reasons.

First of all, Banjo and Kazooie’s friendship is incredible. While Banjo may be a gullible bear that is often coerced or tricked into doing himself harm, Kazooie always remains by his side as a voice of reason. She will always fight to protect him no matter what lies in their path. Secondly, though their sense of fashion is on the simplistic side compared to other entries, there is something remarkably perfect about the combination of those signature yellow shorts and that classic blue backpack. The whole ensemble completes their look and it shows just how prepared they are to face any rough-and-tumble foe on the battlefield.

Finally, you could never look me in the eye and with complete certainty tell me that you could resist petting this cuddly lad if he were standing right in front of you. If I could receive a bear hug from any character, it would definitely be these two, and as a reward, Kazooie can have some excellent birdseed while Banjo strums along on his, you guessed it, banjo. – Blake


Image from Smash Ultimate

Think about the cutest dog you’ve ever seen, but now imagine that dog is wearing a Gucci jacket. That’s exactly what Isabelle is. Smash took one of the cutest games ever made, Animal Crossing, and decided to add one of the cutest characters from the game into their game.

VSCO girls aren’t the only ones wearing scrunchies. Isabelle has her hair done perfectly with a little scrunchie keeping it up. The icing on the cake is that her adorable scrunchie also has a bell on it that softly jingles as she moves. The soft bell sound brings joy to anyone who hears it.

Isabelle is so carefree and iconic. I mean come on, she’s wearing Gucci to a battle? Only an icon would ever risk their Gucci clothes getting ruined in a fight. Yet despite her iconic status, Isabelle remains kind and humble. Just based on personality she is already one of the cutest characters in the game.


Image from Smash Wiki

So far in this first DLC pack for Smash Ultimate, there has not been that many additions that have represented the more sophisticated side of gaming personalities. So far we have had a venus fly trap, Trunks from Dragonball Z, aforementioned bear and avian, and uncle terry. However, there is one of those new fighters that adds some great technical prowess to the lineup while maintaining the style of their base game: Joker.

Now the fact that Joker is the suavest of any of the Smash characters is no surprise. While his leather trench coat and mask elicit a mysterious vigilante, his school uniform is the definitive alternate costume. Somehow he ties the most unorthodox articles of clothing together with a simple pair of black-rimmed glasses and a head of dark shaggy hair. Though I have only ever seen those pants on a golf course, he incorporates them into the perfect piece of formal wear.

Morgana really was not lying when he said, “Looking cool Joker!”

Rosalina and Luma

Image from Smash Ultimate

Just like Banjo and Kazooie, here you’re getting two super cute characters for the price of one. Rosalina is a queen in everything she wears, but her black dress with the yellow stars is out of this world. It’s the perfect compliment to her little yellow pal Luma in every way. Not to mention that her strikingly beautiful blue eyes could knock any fighter off their feet.

Luma on their own is absolutely the cutest smash character of all time. Stars are already so cosmic and interesting. Now you take those and make it practically look like a stuffed animal, of course it’s the cutest character. Then you give it a name as cute as Luma. Nothing beats that squishy little star. I just want to snuggle up with them and read them bedtime stories.


Image from Smash Wiki

Now, there are plenty of Fire Emblem Warriors that could have made their way onto our line up. Ike’s striking jawline, Chrom’s tattoos, or female Robin’s pigtails were all other great choices. There was only one that was captivating and elegant no matter if you played as their male or female version though. Corrin, from Fire Emblem Fates, was the clear choice as the cutest representative from that respective series.

Now do not underestimate those long-flowing locks and lack of footwear. Behind those ruby-colored eyes lives the soul of a fierce beast. This royal, who is split between the kingdoms of Hoshido and Nohr, can transform into a dragon right on the battlefield, but they would rather choose peace over reluctantly fighting against any of their siblings.

Corrin’s strong reliance on mercy is not the only personality trait that makes them just as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside. According to the Fire Emblem wiki, they host a plethora of talents: playing the piano, writing poetry, and reading about philosophy. So the elegance of this member of the royal family is as present in mind as in body, truly making them an unrivaled sword fighter. – Blake


Image from Smash Wiki

Bayonetta’s confidence alone is enough to bring in anyone’s attention. In her sequel game, she decides to chop off more than just angel wings; she chops off her hair too. Bayonetta rocks a pixie cut, which is arguably one of the cutest haircuts ever. She also has an absolutely mesmerizing British accent, and let’s face it, who doesn’t love an accent?

Don’t let her cute looks fool you though, Bayonetta is a force to be reckoned with. Her heels have actual blue and gold pistols attached to them, which are just as hypnotizing as her accent. She’s the most powerful female character in Smash on and off the battlefield.


Image from Smash Wiki

Final Fantasy has offered us some outrageously charming characters in the over 30-year-long history of the series. With such eccentric characters like Tifa, Squall, Aerith, Noctis, and so many others, who is not to love? One magnificent member of this cherished Square Enix franchise has made their way to Smash Bros. and it would be a crime if we barred them from such a competitive list. You know him, you love him, it is Cloud Strife straight from Final Fantasy 7.

Cloud boasts some of the most gorgeous features of any character thus-far. Those forearms and broad shoulders, along with some fantastic bone structure, complete a magnificent physique that is best accentuated by a maroon turtleneck. Even though his wacky anime haircut joined the fight along with him, it remains unforgettable and iconic. You cannot help but be mesmerized by his handsomeness and pierced by his stunning glacier-blue eyes.

How he is ever able to carry that humongous buster sword and whatever that solitary piece of armor on his shoulder is supposed to do will remain a mystery though. – Blake


Image from Smash Ultimate

Smash has an actual goddess blessing their game and the heroes within it, whose name is Palutena. While not giving guidance to Pit, her radiant glow can be seen leagues beyond the battlefield. Her invincible shield, beautiful matching staff, and magical powers make her a challenging opponent on the battlefield.

Palutena has an ethereal beauty that follows her wherever she goes. Between her striking green eyes, matching green hair, and enchanting gold jewelry, Palutena exudes nothing but elegance and beauty.

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Images: Pokemon, Nintendo, Smash Ultimate, Smash Wiki, 

Featured Image: Olivia Weinzapfel