Saul Guzman opens new Muncie food truck Tacos Molonco

<p>The Tacos Molonco truck sits parked at the Delaware County 4-H Fair in July 2021. The truck opened in June 2021 and travels around Muncie. <strong>Christina Guzman, Photo Provided</strong></p>

The Tacos Molonco truck sits parked at the Delaware County 4-H Fair in July 2021. The truck opened in June 2021 and travels around Muncie. Christina Guzman, Photo Provided

There’s a new food truck driving around Muncie, and it’s serving authentic tacos and street corn. Saul Guzman opened Tacos Molonco in June 2021.

“Never give up on your dream, no matter how difficult it is,” Guzman said.

Guzman has been a Muncie resident for 11 years and got his food truck from Indianapolis. He learned how to make authentic tacos from his mother, Ophelia, when he was a child and started the business for his six kids — Mariana, 18, Brooklyn, 15, Jesus, 11, Emma, 10, Chyanne, 21, and Nicole, 26. 

Guzman is originally from Valparaiso in Zacatecas, Mexico, and his dream was to have his own business to support his mother and family.

“I want to do better, I want to make a better life for me and my family,” Guzman said. 

He is offering multiple meat options for the tacos including chicken, steak and carnitas for $2.50 each. There is an option to make a meal with three tacos, a side of street corn and a beverage for $9.50 total. There are also options for people on a keto diet, where the tortilla is replaced with fried cheese.

Customer Emily Codero first enjoyed a Tacos Molonco meal in the hospital after giving birth to her second daughter, Aaliyah Lipscomb.

“After almost every other town having a taco truck, I told my fiancé [Mathew Lipscomb], ‘Muncie needs a good authentic taco truck,’ and literally the day that I went into labor with my second daughter — boom — Tacos Molonco,” Codero said. "I made him go get me some of those tacos and bring them to the hospital 24 hours after labor, and I can't get enough. These tacos are just what I was missing in my life. I’m so excited to see them expand and get more business.”

Tacos Molonco travels all around Muncie and the best place to find out where the truck will be for the day is the Facebook page. Guzman and manager Nicole Mari have been spending a lot of time at the Delaware County 4-H Fair, where they will be parked through July 24. The county fair is the biggest event Tacos Molonco has participated in this summer.

“We just want to be able to give everyone a great place to come enjoy authentic food and conversation,” Mari said. “We’re thankful to be able to brighten someone’s day and give them something different than they’re used to.” 

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