The Student Government Association (SGA) came back from fall break on Wednesday at the L.A. Pittenger Student Center for its eighth meeting of the year.

Before the senate moved on to any new issues or votes, it heard presentations from victim advocate Katie Blankenship from A Better Way and Muncie mayoral candidate Terry Whitt Bailey.

Blankenship spoke to SGA to bring awareness to the organization’s work, which works with survivors of sexual assault, domestic abuse and suicide in the Muncie community.

Next, Bailey was given time to speak to the senators about her campaign, the mayoral race and how she plans to work with Ball State if she is elected. Bailey highlighted the College of Architecture and Planning’s (CAP) UniverCity program as a way she wanted to better connect the Ball State and Muncie communities.

Bailey, who will be participating in her eighth mayoral debate on Thursday evening, also took the time to take issue with the way the debates had been previously moderated.

“We’ve had eight forums, and I wish I could say that it will be a debate,” Bailey said. “You know, when you call it a debate, let’s do it, let’s debate but the facilitators or the commentators or the people in charge, have used it more like a forum,” Bailey said.

Following the speeches, SGA vice president Cameron DeBlasio noted that this meeting was the second consecutively without any legislation hitting the senate floor.

“I’m not trying to say that we need to get legislation on the floor, I’m just saying that my hope is that in not having legislation on the floor that we are working on projects and that we will see that legislation eventually in a more complete form,” DeBlasio said.

Finally, a senate order recognizing the hard work of Ball State Victim Advocate Lanie Stutz and the Office of Victim Services was introduced for a vote next week.

Stutz, who was hired in October of last year, was recognized by the order for her work with programs like Step In Speak Up and continued work with Ball Memorial Hospital and the Title IX Office.

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