Ten signs you're a theatre major

1. “Your laundry looks like you’re washing clothes for an entire funeral procession. Black on black on black.”-Gabbi Boyd, Junior

On Wednesdays we wear black. And on Thursdays, and Fridays and Saturdays. Okay, all the time.

2. “You consistently shut down the library every night.” -Sophia Foldvari, Sophomore

Late nights at the library are no stranger to Ball State’s theatre majors.

3. You "practice your dances anywhere.” –CJ Butler, Freshman

All the world’s a stage, right?

4. You worship the ground Andrea Sadler walks on. –Maggie Morgan, sophomore

Ball State theatre students show major love for the theatre faculty and staff, especially the woman in charge of recruitment.

5. “You start judging movies based on Major Action Units and Aristotlean plot structure” –Brent Eickhoff, senior.

Translation: theatre majors know their stuff.

6. You "can’t learn about the French Revolution without thinking of Les Miserables” –Shelby Myers, freshman

Just don’t burst out into song during a lecture.

7. “You go to more elaborately designed theme parties than regular parties.” –Gabbi Boyd, junior

Parties are great, but parties with Disney themed costumes are better.

8. “Sleep, shower, or eat. Pick one.” –Sophia Foldvari, sophomore

Basically, they’re pretty busy.

9. You've "eaten a meal at the circle table in Woodworth.” –Maggie Morgan, sophomore

You can’t sit with us. Well, you can, but be prepared for random singing and enthusiastic conversation.  

10. “You own a BackTPack” –Brent Eickhoff, senior

BackTPacks train good posture and reduce back pain. And they’re a required material for theatre majors. 


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