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Greenhouse fundraising for $1.2 million expansion

09/14/2018 10:09am

Bright, green leaves decorate the sunlit windows of the Rinard Orchid Greenhouse. Over 4,000 people a year visit the plants and programs the building holds, said greenhouse curator Cheryl LeBlanc.

Amplify completes 3 of 16 platform points

09/13/2018 11:09am

Amplify, Student Government Association’s (SGA) executive slate, has completed three out of 16 platform points, said SGA president Isaac Mitchell at Wednesday’s SGA senate meeting.

Greenhouse hosts succulent program

09/07/2018 2:11pm

Bright, green succulents are a plant that can be seen in the windows of college dorm rooms, soaking in the sun. A plant that you can learn more about at the Orchid Greenhouse on campus.