After nearly two weeks of campaigning by three 2019 Student Government Association (SGA) Election slates, campus finally enters the voting period of the annual election.

Each prospective slate campaigns it best represents Ball State students’ perspectives.

According to its website, SGA’s purpose is to serve as a voice for the students to the university.

The student-run organization has covered students’ concerns with legislation on topics ranging from greener alternative to straws to an LGBTQ liason

While not all legislation goes through, some do pass and impact campus.

Here’s a brief overview of four SGA legislation that has impacted Ball State over the last five years:

Blue Loop extension 

SGA extended Ball State’s Blue Loop to run from early November to early May in 2018, according to a Daily News article

Previously, the Blue Loop ran only from Thanksgiving break to spring break. 

“We pushed for this change because a lot of students ride the Blue Loop and feel safer because of it,” said former SGA President Greg Carbó in the article.

The bill to extend the loop was unanimously approved by senate..

Gender-inclusive housing

Legislation passed by both SGA and the Residence Hall Association helped lay the foundation for gender inclusive housing, according to a Daily News article.

A pilot-program began in fall 2018 which allotted 60 bed spaces where students can live together, regardless of gender. 

Gender-inclusive areas are located in Kinghorn Hall, Park Hall, Johnson Complex A and B and Studebaker East.

For students to live with each other in gender-inclusive housing, they must be at least 18 years old and mutually confirm their desire to live in the inclusive housing in person at the Office of Housing and Residence Life. 

Cardinal Kitchen

The food pantry Cardinal Kitchen was started by the 2014-15 SGA slate Cardinal Connection in spring 2015, according to a Daily News article

Cardinal Kitchen was started to provide resources that were accessible to all students, according to the article.

Since it was started, SGA has supported the pantry financially. In 2017, SGA allotted $6,500 from its own budget to fund Cardinal Kitchen, according to another Daily News article.

Students can receive non-perishable items, such as fruit, vegetables and toiletries from Cardinal Kitchen.

In the 2017-18 school year, Cardinal Kitchen saw 570 clients and had a total of 1,328 visits, according to the article.

Those in need of services can visit Cardinal Kitchen on the second floor of the Multicultural Center Tuesdays from 5-8 p.m. 

Parking Passes for Pregnant Mothers

SGA legislation lead to a parking pass for expectant mothers in Fall 2018, according to a Daily News article.  

The temporary parking pass allows expectant students or faculty to use six designated spots. Originally, expectant mothers were given temporary handicap permits. 

The spots are located throughout campus at the McKinley Avenue parking garage, the Student Center parking garage and the Emens parking garage. 

The legislation, which began in spring 2018, was added as a platform point for the 2018-19 slate Amplify.

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