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Star Wars Battlefront: can the new game live up to old favorite?

11/15/2017 9:01pm

It might even revolutionize the idea of sci-fi multiplayer shooters as more focus is given to gameplay and being player and consumer friendly with a fully fleshed out game. Perhaps it is time for gamers to start demanding finished products with compelling expansions instead of sections of a game being stripped out and resold in season passes.

‘Middle-earth: Shadow of War’ dominates in fun but falls short of ruling them all

11/06/2017 12:10pm

'Middle-earth: Shadow of War' expands and improves on its predecessor in almost every way from longer story, deeper character interaction and development between them, abilities, loot and upgrades and the Nemesis System. Despite these great features and fun gameplay, it can feel cheap at times when Talion doesn’t seem to react to the player’s button presses or goes after the wrong target in a huge mob, wasting the momentum built by executing combos.

The reality of kicking butt: media vs real martial arts

09/08/2017 11:40am

Martial arts is a term synonymous with combat and spirituality that every person has heard about through one media source or another. Often the arts are portrayed in movies, anime and art as a path to enlightenment and supernatural abilities. However, while the former is true to a degree unfortunately there is no way for a person to fly or shoot Kamehameha waves from their hands.