PlayStation 4 wins Black Friday


A Black Friday study conducted by InfoScout, a firm that tracks purchases made by a network of 300,000 users over three mobile apps, determined that Sony’s PS4 outperformed Microsoft’s Xbox One among Millennials (ages 18-35) and had a slight increase in the middle-aged audience (ages 36-55). These changes were weighted against purchases made on average days versus those made on Black Friday, which carries enormous amounts of deals, discounts and bundles.

Last year, the Xbox One was declared the victor by InfoScout in terms of total percentage of sales on Black Friday.


The statistics declared by InfoScout had the PS4 taking seven percent of the market directly from Xbox, boosting its Black Friday sales to 48 percent among Millennials. Sales to middle-aged consumers increased slightly for both PS4 and Xbox One, 33 percent and 37 percent, respectively. This came at the expense of Nintendo which saw a decline from 34 percent to 30 percent on Black Friday.

However, Nintendo held onto Millennials at 19 percent of Black Friday purchases, compared to 20 percent on normal days. InfoScout says that Nintendo has greater nostalgic appeal among 90s kids than those belonging to Generation X and Millennials.


Source: Polygon

Image: Push Square, Examiner


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