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The Deadbeat Club S1E5 – Cherry Peel – Of Montreal

03/09/2017 7:34am

This week, The Deadbeat Club grabs their favorite vinyls and sits down in the lounge with their lo-fi album of choice: Cherry Peel by Of Montreal. We breakdown song by song, and look into the Beach Boy-esque aesthetic of this album from barbershop quartet feels to A+ instrumentation in B- songs. A lyrically complicated piece, sit down a listen as we fight for meaning on this episode of The Deadbeat Club podcast.

The Deadbeat Club S1E3 – My Maudlin Career – Camera Obscura

02/20/2017 4:28pm

The Deadbeat Club returns to talk Camera Obscura’s 2009 album My Maudlin Career. We talk strings, whether or not they’re overused or overdone, the track by track breakdown, similarities of songs, folksy-ness vs country-ness, and much more on the exciting return of The Deadbeat Club! Give our iTunes some love.