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DINNER FOR 2ISH: Pesto grilled cheese

05/04/2017 12:29pm

These sandwiches are easy, classy and super delicious. That's pretty much the same philosophy we've used for Dinner for 2ish these last two years.

DINNER FOR 2ISH: Sweet potato roll

05/04/2017 12:51am

Sushi is not expensive to make, it just requires a little prep work. This recipe for sweet potato, crab and cream cheese rolls is about as good as you can find in a restaurant.

DINNER FOR 2ISH: Sweet potato salad

04/13/2017 9:21am

This salad combines warm and cold, spring and summer, orange and green. If you're not a fan of goat cheese, feta would make a nice addition.


04/12/2017 10:58pm

Kebabs are an awesome warm-weather food. We used steak, but these would be just as tasty with shrimp, chicken or even just vegetable!

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