Sara Nahrwold


Abbas Jammali

The Iraq He Left Behind

In June 2014, Abbas Jammali was on his way to the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad to collect his visa and passport to attend Ball State. “When I was going over [to the embassy], I saw ISIS killing Iraqi soldiers, behead them in front of me,” he said. This is the Iraq he left behind.


What’s your status?

Here, you can explore the different types of dating styles of Ball State students and compare their similarities and differences. Which dating type are you?


Behind the Wheel

Happy to have ACDC’s “Back in Black” song booming from the radio, PDQ taxi owner Brad Luttrell jokingly tells one of his usual customers he’s going to snatch his Buffalo Wild Wings chicken because it smells so good wafting through his cab. It’s just another night in the life of a taxi driver.