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Local haunted forest offers opportunities for students

10/16/2014 8:08am

Tucked away off of Cornbread Road sits a two-story house surrounded by woods. The trees have started to change colors and the sound of leaves crunching can be heard as people, covered in dirt and blood, gather in a circle in the back yard.Nancy Carlson, associate professor of telecommunications, stands in the middle of the circle, elevated above everyone’s head holding a megaphone.

Firefighting 'family affair' for Ball State student

09/16/2014 8:24am

The Yorktown Fire Department received a call at 10:30 p.m. about a motorcycle accident in January 2013. The cyclist was driving down a curvy road in Yorktown when he lost control and went into a stretch of trees. The roads were clear, but a layer of snow covered the ground.