Merritt Mclaughlin

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Diary of a derby mom

04/09/2018 7:44pm

Leaving behind her work and mom personality, Sarah Gremer becomes her alter ego every time she skates. 

A family affair

02/26/2018 5:24pm

When a child is raised with parents from different cultures, they are exposed to different perspectives and beliefs that shape how they approach the world.

Altered reputation

05/03/2017 9:31am

Sexting is becoming increasingly popular among young adults, but the possibility of the sext being shared is often overlooked.

The psychology of posting

03/09/2017 7:33am

People often share aspects of their lives online, allowing them to connect to their followers through likes and comments.

Filtering your friends

02/09/2017 10:17am

Social media not only helps teens to find people to chat with, but also allows users to find solid friendships, further their careers, and find life-changing support.