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Student Shares Their Bad Landlord Experience

12/10/2019 3:28pm

Ethan Gerald is a Ball State student who was excited to move into his first rental house, as he believed it would be cleaned up by the time he moved in. However, he and his roommates found themselves in a house with broken windows, mold, obscene graffiti and a leaky roof. 

Student Shares Repair Bill From Bad Landlord

12/10/2019 3:20pm

Ball State student Anna Harp was satisfied with her first apartment, until she moved out and received a bill for hundreds of dollars in damages. Harp said the issues already existed and some charges - such as the cost of replacing a burnt out light bulb - should have been considered normal wear and tear. 

The Beauty in Height

12/10/2019 10:14am

Ball Bearings magazine is planning a video series in which they do a deep dive into beauty standards within America. The first video of the series looks into the beauty around a person’s height. 

Women Fighting for Women’s Rights

11/04/2019 1:03pm

The YWCA hosted the “Women in Higher Education Fighting for Women’s Rights” event to spread information about their organization and to promote women and their goals for success. 

Cardinal Zumba is raising heart rates and money

11/01/2019 5:45pm

 People in the Muncie community have been bettering their health through dance for three years now through Cardinal Zumba and needs the community’s keep the music going.