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The Gaggle: Leaf me alone

11/11/2019 1:20pm

Inner conflict. We all have it. For some, it’s as simple as whether or not to help an elderly person across the street. For me, though, inner conflict stems from something that keeps me up at night: Do I actually like iceberg lettuce?

The Gaggle: The creature from the garden of earthly delights

11/11/2019 1:20pm

Imagine a creature so beautiful, so pavonine, a transcending beauty that flies gracefully through the sky. To gaze upon its plumage, an honor. A honk so splendid it sends chills. The creature it goes by the name "Branta canadensis" or the Canada goose.

State of the YouTube: Adpocalypse now

03/18/2019 6:48pm

All actions, even those for the greater good, can have negative or unforeseen consequences  The best thing that YouTube did is that they contacted the authorities and reported suspicious accounts. Here’s hoping the situation gets resolved.