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Animation A-Team S5E3: Animation Adaptation Atrocities

12/18/2018 1:21am

Welcome back to the last episode of Animation A-Team for this semester! On this week's episode, we discuss the many live-action adaptations of anime that have had many difficulties. Why do these films keep missing the mark, and how should they improve for the future? Join us on this week's episode of Animation A-Team to hear our thoughts on the matter.

Animation A-Team S5E2: Funimation Breaks Up With Crunchyroll

11/27/2018 6:05pm

Welcome back to another episode of Animation A-Team. On this week's episode we are discussing the ever controversial breakup between Funimation and Crunchyroll. What caused this dynamic duo to part ways and why? Join us on this week's episode of Animation A-Team to hear our thoughts on the matter.

Animation A-Team S5E1: The Glories of Voltron

10/16/2018 5:33pm

  In the latest episode, we break down everything about Voltron: Legendary Defender. From the show’s origins to the development of the characters in its latest season, the show has a lot of promise around it. This even includes support from Netflix. However, how does the show compare to its previous seasons? Let’s discuss the impact of this show and some more on this entry of Animation A-Team.

How It's Played S2E2: Sony Caves to Cross-Platform

10/16/2018 5:32pm

 In this week's episode of How It's Played, we are discussing cross-platform gaming. Sony finally caved to allowing cross-platform gaming in Fortnite. What does this mean for the gaming community? What all does cross-platform entail? All of this and more on this week's episode of How It's Played. 

Spider-women do whatever Spider-man can

03/21/2018 1:21pm

Spider-man might be the world’s most-loved superhero who spans multiple generations. His deeds and actions have inspired others to take up the spider-brand, and while there as many Spider-men as I have had broken bones, these four specific, badass women stand among the upper echelon of Spider-vigilantes: Spider-Gwen, Spider-Girl, Silk, and Spider-Woman.