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Intramural Flag Football begins

“It’s a little bit of a taste of what it’s kind of like to be a division one football player,” Junior Jacob Valentine said. “Growing up, that was kind of a dream of mine, so to be able to do that here at the college that I go to is really exciting.” 


Ball State Cheer back at nationals

“When the kids go off the mat and they have that feeling of wow, we did a really good job and they’re so excited, that’s the best part and that’s what we kept talking about,” Richards said. 


The big picture for men’s hoops

“I see the big picture, I know where we all want this program to be,” Lewis said. “ I truly believe we can get there with the guys in the program right now. I don’t think I need to go get players through recruiting.” 


Competing for a state title

 “We had them where we wanted them in the third and weren’t able to finish,” Bloom said. “Of course, it’s a huge let down, but also really proud that we were here.”