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Shorts weather on the way

 NewsLink Indiana Weather Forecaster Ryan Hill breaks down the details about morning fog chances, a warmup and our next chance of rain. 


Halloween Celebration; Hosted by ASU

“...We wanted to find a space where people can have fun. We have candies, some crafts, we’re doing an icebreaker and we’re just trying to have a lot of fun tonight,” Clingerman said.


Sorority bake sale

“It’s really just a great opportunity to give back to the members that specifically need it, so it's especially special to us… to fund the things that help members in our chapter,” said Olesker. 


The dark side of Muncie

“My favorite part is the weird, dark tales that we get to hear, and our community members really love to hear these tales too,” Allison said. 

The Future Of Blockchain In The Sports Industry

The promise that virtual currencies and blockchain networks may present to further monetize fan engagement, attract sponsors, and link a worldwide market at levels that were unfathomable decades before has been recognised by the sports industry.


A walk to de-stress

“We work with students who are blocked or feeling stuck or maybe not fulfilled in all the areas of their life,” Anderson said. “Or maybe they’re just surviving but we want them to go from surviving to thriving.”

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Artist of the Month: Enhypen

With October well on its way, the change of seasons can trigger the infamous phrase—out with the old, in with the new. While we don’t need to get rid of anything old, there is always room for the new, especially in discovering new music and sounds. As their world tour Manifesto is in full swing, there is no doubt that Enhypen brings a fresh new sound to those not entirely familiar with the genre of K-pop, which has been taking the world by storm in recent years. So, who are they? 

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