Inspired to learn about Afghanistan and the global refugee crisis, Mazie Wathen started crafting bracelets to ultimately donate the profits for those in need. Here she displays the finished products. (Katie Catterall)

Small Crafts for a Big Purpose

Snacks lining the shelves, books stacked up in great big piles, and clothes thrown every which way. It’s the stereotypical picture of a dorm room, unless you’re Ball State University student Mazie Wathen. Her dorm looks much the same as anyone else’s, but with additional supplies like different-color threads and felt backings.

Featured Image by Kami Geron

The Best Dumplings in Town

In Muncie, restaurants are clustered about. Out of the 14 Asian restaurants, Dumpling House carries the crown of some of the best food. As they have reopened their doors at a new location, 2900 W. White River Blvd., they offer even more options for their customers to get a taste of Chinese cooking. 

Alex Oleson, 2021 Orr Fellow for Woven, an Indianapolis based tech startup, talks with children participating in Launchpad to learn entrepreneurial skills. The Orr Fellowship matches students around the nation with Indianapolis-based companies for two-year fellowships. Erin Kelley, Photo Provided

Orr Fellowship provides Ball State students with secure start to life after college

Access to the internet has made it easier for students to find job and internship postings, but busy school schedules can make it difficult to find time to sit down and fill out applications. While internships, job shadowing and fellowships are a few ways students try to reduce job-related stress, the Orr Fellowship gives college seniors a chance to make a two-year commitment to an Indianapolis-based company.

Rylan Capper, DN Photo; Kamryn Tomlinson, DN Design

Torching Media Mistrust

OPINION: This is a world that is skeptical of journalists, both student and professional. We sometimes present a truth others don’t want to hear, and we’ve been punished for it. 


Vintage Pop-Up Shop

One group of college students came together last weekend to set up the “Vintage Pop-Up” shop that sold a variety of clothes, comic books, action figures and music.

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