Indiana Legislature drops HB1134

Summers says knowing that the bill was dropped gives some relief and that “all of us that work in public schools are anxious to work toward ways of making positive change in education and not focusing on additional regulations that don’t best serve the needs of our students.”


Work Continues for MARRC

Six months ago, in the Islamic Center of Muncie, AWAKEN founder Bibi Bahrami decided it was time to help Afghan refugees here in Indiana. She formed an organization, along with the support of local Muncie churches, called the Muncie Afghan Refugee Resettlement Committee, also more widely known as MARRC. 

A peaceful protestor holds a sign in support of the notion to remain educated on issues of racial injustice. As student journalists at The Daily News, we take our responsibility to report informative and educational stories on topics of relevance in our society today. Unsplash, Photo Courtesy

OUR VIEW: More than a Month

More than a century ago, Carter G. Woodson traveled from his home in Washington, D.C. to Chicago, where he celebrated the 50th anniversary of emancipation with thousands of other Black Americans at Chicago Coliseum. The exhibits inside commemorated Black achievements since the abolition of slavery, and what Woodson saw inspired him to highlight and memorialize Black heritage while educating others through developing curriculum, journals and organizations dedicated to Black History.

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Artist of the Month: Kelsey Lu

This month’s Artist of the Month, singer and cellist Kelsey Lu, sings bewitchingly about the season, “Sudden shiver, taking a dip in a river in winter. Cold breeze caressing frozen cheeks.” 

Assistant lecturer of media design Leo Caldwell poses for a photo Feb. 20 near Shafer Tower. Grace Duerksen, DN

Ball State professors reflect on their experiences in the LGBTQ community.

It’s the first day of classes at Ball State. Leo Caldwell, assistant lecturer of media design, is ready to welcome a new group of students to his classes, prepared to teach them all he knows about journalism and design. Students file into the classroom, filling the empty desks around the room and preparing themselves for what they are about to learn in Caldwell’s class.  However, during Caldwell’s introduction, he includes a detail students may not know about him — Caldwell is transgender.

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