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The 2022 Guide to Reverse ETL

Reverse ETL is an exciting innovation that helps drive data into places that can help companies grow their business intelligence and lead to improvement. This kind of data integration is something that can help companies overcome walls that can naturally occur when it comes to data acquisition and storage. 

How to Properly Take Vitamin C for Results

If you are wanting to enhance your overall health and wellness, then you should aim to get all the essential vitamins and nutrients into your body on a daily basis.

Your Guide to Kickstarting Your Career in 2022

2022 is your year to go from working gigs to establishing your career in a field you are passionate about. But if the ideal job is not waiting for you to get hired, go out there and create it yourself.

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The Beginners Guide to Adulting: Everything You Need to Know

Growing up and being an adult can be a tough job. After finishing school and leaving the safety of your parent’s care, it can be tough to secure a home, a job, and build a family and future. But these adventures into a new and exciting stage of your life don’t have to be traumatic. 

PA announcer Steve Shondell watches the a Men’s Volleyball game between Ball State and Lindenwood Feb. 24 at Worthen Arena. The Cardinals went on to beat Lindenwood 3-1. Eli Houser, DN

The Voice of Volleyball

 During the match, he is the voice of reason between plays. His glasses tip just toward the end of his nose as he looks down for a player’s name and stat line. 

Ball State regularly hosts travel abroad opportunities to an average of 65 countries. Since spring 2020, Ball State hasn't sent any students abroad due to the pandemic and security risks. Rinker Center for Global Affairs, Photo Provided

Awaiting Adventure: Ball State student, faculty detail struggles of planning to study abroad during COVID-19

For junior exercise science major Zander Lichosik, the past two years have been a frustrating waiting game. In his freshman year, Lichosik applied to the U.K. Fulbright Summer Institute (FSI) scholarship. He was supposed to study abroad in Scotland in summer 2020. But, like many other college students impatiently waiting to travel overseas, a global pandemic put Lichosik’s plans on pause.

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