Rain to come

Weather Forecaster Adam Feick has the latest on the change from warm and sunny to cool and rainy.

Since the 21st Century Scholars program was introduced in 1990, it has helped more than 45,000 Hoosier students earn a degree. Less than half of eligible high school graduates are enrolled in the program. Unsplash, Photo Courtesy

Succeeding as Scholars: Behind the scenes of 21st Century Scholars’ progress in Indiana

Though college-going rates in Indiana have been decreasing over the past five years, according to the Indiana Commission for Higher Education (ICHE), 21st Century Scholars are on track to close that gap by 2025. The scholarship, which covers up to four years of tuition for eligible students at participating state universities, has helped more than 45,000 students earn a degree since it was introduced in 1990, said Indiana Commissioner for Higher Education Teresa Lubbers in a Dec. 15, 2021, press release. 

Must Ask Questions About Life Insurance

So, you’ve made the decision to get life insurance and now it’s time to choose the right plan based on your circumstances and budget. There are so many options available and choosing the right type of cover is extremely important. The following are some questions that you must ask when chatting with a broker. Doing so will ensure you get the cover you need to feel safe in the knowledge that you’re fully protected should something happen to you.

The theme of Women's Week 2022 at Ball State is "Grow Locally, Think Globally." Ball State Women's and Gender Studies, Photo Courtesy

Ball State Women's Week 2022 schedule

Ball State’s Department of Women’s and Gender Studies will host its annual Women’s Week March 21-25. The theme for this year is “Grow Locally, Think Globally.”  Each year, Ball State hosts this week-long event with lectures, discussions, film screenings, music performances and art that celebrates the achievements and experiences of women. According to a flyer from the Department of Women’s and Gender Studies, the events scheduled to be held are as follows.


Rainy weekend ahead

Weather Forecaster Rachel Wynalda tracks the incoming severe weather threat and times out rain chances for the weekend.  

How to refresh your budget after college

Your budget isn’t a static set of rules for your finances set in stone for the whole of your life. Making sure you get your budget back on track should ensure you can move into the next stage of your life as seamlessly as possible after earning your degree.

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