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MISS KNOW-IT-ALL: ISIS must be a foreign policy priority

The only terrorist organization to be mistaken for a fictional spy agency, ISIS, was accidentally created by the United States and western countries.The group has beheaded two journalists with promises to kill more. Unfortunately, with the European Union in constant turmoil since 2011 and the United States still in a slow recovery from a recession in 2008, western countries aren’t equipped to deal with the group of rag-tag anti-government fighters that we used to root for.


OUR VIEW: A Spark Forward’s report card

At the beginning of the academic year, the president of the Student Government Association resigned, following backlash from racially insensitive tweets he published.The incident could easily have isolated SGA from the rest of the student body. Instead, it seems outreach has been this executive board’s strongest platform.


OUR VIEW: Ball State needs to make the Intelligent Design discussion public

Ball State can’t end the intelligent design discussion without first having it. In May 2013, the university began investigating a Honors College course accused of teaching intelligent design, which received national attention and resulted in a decision by a private panel of four people. Late July, University President Jo Ann Gora made a definitive statement that could have ended the conversation about the course and its professor, Eric Hedin, an assistant professor of physics and astronomy.

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