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Our View: Outgoing SGA slate, Atlas, deserves an A -

04/20/2016 12:20pm

At issue: Each year the Ball State Daily News assigns a grade to the outgoing SGA slate. Before Jack Hesser and the rest of the Atlas slate took office for Student Government Association, we knew they were going to be ambitious.

OUR VIEW: Cardinal Connection’s SGA report card

04/15/2015 10:33pm

AT ISSUE: The Daily News editorial board evaluates the outgoing Student Government Association executive slate Although Cardinal Connection did not accomplish all of its platform points, the slate succeeded by adapting to solve problems and challenges. In some cases, such as the plan to open Bracken Library for 24 hours during Finals Week, the slate decided a point was not possible.

OUR VIEW: University must keep students aware of crime

11/24/2014 8:43pm

Ball State needs to define transparent alerts protocol. The Ball State Alert Twitter page launched a week before it announced there was a possible armed assailant in November 2013 in the Jo Ann Gora Student Recreation and Wellness Center. The first tweet about that occurrence last year received 238 retweets, notifying the Ball State community of the potential danger and spreading knowledge of the Twitter page.