Nick Siano


Nick Siano got an alert from the bank when trying to pay the busar’s office that he had $4.63 in his account. Paige Grider, DN

Nick and Tired: On the Brink of Zero

Overdrawn, overspent and overanxious. Wasteful spending was never in my wheelhouse. I was a talented dog-walking entrepreneur growing up and scrambled to pull neighbors' garbage out for a spare dollar or two each week. I did everything to justify any spending a 10-year-old might do.


NICK AND TIRED: Your third-party vote doesn't matter

We owe Bernie Sanders for getting young people fired up about politics. But in the end, he didn’t win the Democratic nomination. What does this mean for Sanders supporters come Nov. 8? Some are siding with Hillary Clinton, at the behest of Sanders. Others felt angered that Sanders, in their words, sold out to the establishment.

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