Outlet takes home eleventh straight Air Jam trophy

The homecoming season brings plenty of energetic events jam-packed with school spirit. Every year, Ball State hosts the annual Air Jam in Emens Auditorium. Air Jam features different student organizations like residence halls, independent organizations, and Greek life. The groups choreograph and lip-sync to popular music. At the end of the show, the performers receive awards like fan favorite, Independent winner, and overall winner.

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Ball State alum creates Tinder for streaming services

Dinggo makes deciding what to watch on streaming services easier by using an algorithm similar to Tinder. Users can select what streaming services they use, narrow down by the genre they are in the mood for, and then can swipe through to decide what sounds interesting and what doesn't. Once user feel they have swiped through enough options, they can then see a list of all the shows or movies they felt looked interesting. Dinggo also has an option where groups can swipe together and a list showing what everyone in the group wants to watch will be made.


Frog Baby Film Festival: A Q&A with chair head Jordan Shoemaker

Here at Ball State, there are many events available for students to enjoy and participate in. This week, students can enjoy one of the most beloved annual events that occurs here on campus: The Frog Baby Film Festival which will be held tonight at 8 o'clock in Pruis Hall. 


Muncie Community Schools: Gary 2.0?

Gary's school district's debt is higher than Muncie Community Schools', but similarities do exist between the two districts, leading to comparisons from the Indiana Statehouse.

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