Far left: The first time I had Amorino in Paris, France.

Beyond the Nest: Amorino, Amore Mio

While traveling throughout France and Italy, I kept finding myself at the same gelateria called Amorino. Gelato artists invite customers to pick from among 36 flavors they expertly craft into a stunning rose. Customers can order as many flavors as there are petals in a rose, but I never tested the limits. 

Ball State students with alum, Any Ung, during a tour of Technip Energies where Ung is Communications Lead.

Beyond the Nest: Making connections abroad with Ball State alumni

In May, ten journalism students of Ball State University traveled to Europe for a study abroad experience titled “Travel Writing in France and Italy.” During the visit, our professor, Kate Elliot, coordinated meetings with notable alumni who work internationally. These experiences enriched our journey as many of us aspire to work in different corners of the world. The most personally impactful rendezvous was with a communications lead at a high-level energy company.