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Ball State Atheltics reflects on life of John Scheumann

MUNCIE, Ind.(NewsLink) -- Ball State Athletics lost one of a kind back on Oct. 1. John Scheumann was one of the most hands on people in many Ball State construction projects and his legacy allowed him to leave his mark on the field and in the heart of Ball State athletes.

Scheumann was a former football player and large benefactor for Ball State Athletics. He and his wife, June Schuemann, are well known for the naming of Schuemann stadium. Currently, there is construction of a new indoor practice facility, also named after the Scheumann family.

Even though he donated millions of dollars to Ball State athletic facilities, including the new indoor practice set to be complete in April 2021, Scheumann's grandchildren want everyone to know he was more than just a benefactor.

“The main thing I will say is just the humility that my grandfather showed,” said Nick Scheumann, Scheumann's grandson. “You hear the name, you see the name on the stadium. You automatically assume success and riches, but if you saw him walking down the street you would never know that because he carried himself so well.”

Staff in the athletic department also have fond memories of Schuemann.

“It's just that they have, [June] and John certainly had a just a really generous and giving heart,” Ball State Athletic Director Beth Goetz said. “A very altrustic sense of wanting to help others be successful.”

“And he's a big reason why our family has been successful for a very long time so that would be the one thing I would say. Just learn humility because it goes a very long way,” said Schuemann.

That along with the desire to help others and inspire student athletes has left an impact for generations of Cardinals to come.

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