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Women’s basketball opens at home

“It’s really fun. It’s super exhilarating to have the support there. After the game, we were able to get up into the stands and the kids would yell, ‘I love you. I want to be you. Can I have your autograph?’ It’s really cool to see,” Clephane said.

Competing for a state title

 “We had them where we wanted them in the third and weren’t able to finish,” Bloom said. “Of course, it’s a huge let down, but also really proud that we were here.” 

Running on the road

“At first it was hard to hear that we didn’t have a home meet because it is always fun and I had a lot of people tell me they were going to come to the home meet,” Van Eck said. “You know you work with what you got and I’m going to take every race as an opportunity to do my best, work with the team and compete.”

Softball at home

“Pretty darn good. It’s always nice to be on your home field. [Your home turf is] something that you practice on all the time and it’s been a long time coming for these kids right now,” Schurr said.