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Ball State pitcher towers over others

“I didn’t really play a ton in high school, I was still growing. Struggled with commands so I didn’t get too many playing opportunities, but that’s sort of when I first fell in love with baseball,” Jacobson said.

Women’s Golf prepare for postseason

“Golf is a really hard game. The swing comes and goes. There are good days and there are bad days. But what you ultimately build your game on is how consistent you are with your process."

Ball State Spring Soccer comes to a close

“I didn’t get a ton of minutes, just in the fall and regular season so this spring has been a really big time for me to get confidence, just get those minutes in and get to make those plays,” Locante said. 

Intramural Flag Football begins

“It’s a little bit of a taste of what it’s kind of like to be a division one football player,” Junior Jacob Valentine said. “Growing up, that was kind of a dream of mine, so to be able to do that here at the college that I go to is really exciting.” 

Nick Elam, creator of the Elam Ending, poses for a photo March 28, at the YMCA of Muncie. Rylan Capper, DN

The Elam Ending

“What I didn’t know at the time in 2007 is that it would take 10 years of outreach to people to finally see it implemented in 2017,” Elam said. “The whole time I felt like I was one day away from a major breakthrough.”

Men’s golf flies high

 “I’ve kind of been on the struggle bus a little bit and its been a matter of putting everything together whether one week struggling off a tee, one week struggling putting. It was nice to finally have a good week,” Smith said. 

Ball State Badminton Club founded

“I really enjoy being here because I get to meet new people who love the sport, since nobody’s in my major here, a break from school and a break from daily life,” explains member Emily Howell. 

Success in the nest

 “There’s nothing better than being able to play in front of your own fans and I think our guys thrive off that. Just knowing that we got a lot of season to go and some of it’s going to be played here, it’s always good to get in front of the fans,” said the reigning National Coach of the Year, Donan Cruz. 

Gymnastics continues to fly high

“We’re very united as a team, and that really helps when we’re competing,” Pfister said. “We just stay in our own little bubble, and we just support each other.”

A promising postseason

 “We made a goal all summer and all fall and then throughout the season to stay focused on winning the sectional, it was a great accomplishment,” said Matt Luce, the Wapahani head coach. “Then to win Saturday night against Carroll (Flora) was great and kind of a history-making thing for our school.” 

Students look forward to March Madness

 “Whoever wins, it’s cool, as long as it’s not Kentucky,” said Jacob Walker, a student at Ball State. “If Kentucky wins, I’ll literally just throw up. We’re in Indiana, you just can’t root for them.”  

Ball State Athletes from around the globe

“I went to Indiana for a golf tournament and there was a panel of coaches. The coaches from here [Ball State] spoke on their behalf and ever since, I reached out to them”, says freshman golfer, Madelin Boyd on her recruitment process.

One Ball State grad looks to excel at the NFL Combine

“Nothing really feels more home than Scheumann to me,” Jones said. “Even on the cold, Tuesday night MACtion games when there’s probably 1,000 people there, to me that’s still the greatest feeling ever knowing that’s where home is.”

League of Legends Team on hot streak

“We’ve been working really hard this season, and the previous semester as well to get to this point,” Kelly said. “The credit all goes to the players. They’re all really passionate and they put in their work.”