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About Newslink Indiana

NewsLink Indiana is Delaware County's only live newscast. It is a student-run organization, with live newscasts each week night at 9 p.m. There are five teams that consist of anchor/reporter, production, sports, digital and weather.

Production is the "behind the scenes" of the show. This team consists of a director, teleprompter, camera operator and floor director.

Sports focuses on reporting for local teams in Delaware County.

Digital is in charge of running all of our social media platforms, that include the upkeep of this website, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook YouTube and TikTok.

The weather team forecasts the weather for both the local areas, as well as nationally.

Key Terms:


A reporter is in charge of finding a story, filming the video clips, conducting the interviews and editing it all together.


A producer is in charge of picking what stories will be included in the newscast, writing the scripts, choosing what stories will go in which order and timing the show.


An anchor is the person who sits at the news desk during the show and reads the script off of the teleprompter. You must be a reporter in order to anchor.