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Riot Games faces lawsuit over sexist workplace conditions

Female employees regularly belittled at staff meetings. Women promised pay raises and promotions that were given to male coworkers. Women made fun of and sexually objectified. According to a lawsuit filed in early November, these and other more egregious claims are being brought against Riot Games in a class action suit alleging the company and it’s top management created a workplace environment which fosters a culture of sexism and discrimination toward women. 

‘Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’ pre-launch Direct recap

This was the final Smash Direct before the release of the highly anticipated game on December 7 and Director Masahiro Sakurai himself had plenty new information to tide fans over until the game’s release. The details of which include plenty of additions to the expansive roster and major developments in gameplay that have not been seen before. 

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iHeartMedia heard a need and delivers with creation of first podcast awards

The ceremony is set to last around an hour and a half with The Breakfast Club’s Charlamagne Tha God, Stuff You Missed in History Class co-host Holly Frey, and country radio personality Bobby Bones all hosting the live awards program. President of iHeartMedia’s podcasting division, Conal Byrne said the show will, “provide a forum to celebrate high-caliber, creative content that has made podcasting a major new audio category.”