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NA LCS 2018 Spring Split Week 9: Breaking Ties

I don’t think anyone truly expected 100 Thieves, especially after their midseason slump, to go on a winning streak and burn everyone to ashes. Then again, I’m pretty sure I predicted that they could make that run if they kept up momentum. And they sure did. And we never saw it coming.

Growing pains of a growing eSports audience

“It was like I was invalidated because I am a girl and ‘girls don’t play League,’ when most of the people I know are women that play League” Wilson said. “I decided to stop posting about things. I stopped engaging with other community members that I didn’t know personally.”

The history of 'Devil May Cry'

 For fans of 3D stylish-action games, most people probably know about the protagonist: Dante. The fun-loving, pizza-hogging, wise-cracking demon hunter with a stylish red coat and more weapons than he has limbs. Where did Dante get his start though?