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Possible ‘Sons of Anarchy’ works


During its seven-season run, Sons of Anarchy became one of, if not the most, successful series on FX, gaining a massive following along the way. With the popularity of the show, it is no surprise that a spin-off series, Mayans M.C.was put into development. Season three recently premiered on FX, however, the original creator of the Sons of Anarchy universe, Kurt Sutter, was fired after Disney took over the brand. Before his departure, Sutter had other projects in the works that now possibly won’t come into fruition. 

Sutter has mentioned in the past that he envisioned the SOA mythology to revolve around four shows. Two of the shows have happened with Sons of Anarchy and Mayans M.C., but the future of the remaining two is up in the air. Beyond television, there have been books that were in the works as well that would help flesh out the world of SAMCRO. 

First 9

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One of the main spin-offs Sutter has talked about is the First 9, limited series that shows the formation of SAMCRO before Jax is born. Although going back in time and doing a prequel doesn’t sound as interesting as some of the other projects, seeing characters like Clay when they were younger could be something worth watching. Getting the chance to get to know Jax’s father, JT, would also be noteworthy since his character was responsible for almost all the events of the main series. Although viewers most likely wouldn’t get to see all the major points of his life that were mentioned throughout the series, getting to see events that lead to the formation of the book he wrote could give the show a reason for being made.

Along with this mini-series, Sutter planned to release JT’s book, The Life and Death of SAMCRO; the book Jax read in the beginning of the show that influenced him to want to change the club’s structure after the show’s finale. Releasing that book would be the most exciting aspect of seeing the series, since we’ll get to read the book that inspired the events of the show, but unfortunately, that book will probably never see the light of day. Even without the series, it would be nice to see the book be published, but Sutter has no plans to publish the book until after the prequel is aired in order to not mess with the mythology of the show.

Book series

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Sons of Anarchy: Bratva was a novel that came out in 2014. The novel takes place after the fourth season and was the first in a planned series. Whether this series will continue with the story that was set up in the first novel, or if each book will take place during different events from the show is unknown. There hasn’t been any word on whether or not the series will eventually be filmed, however, funding for the project has been halted. Since the book came out years ago and there still isn’t word on if sequels are being written, it’s probably safe to assume the series has been allowed to die a quiet death.

However, out of all the projects in the works, this series probably has the best chance of moving forward. Since the novel was written by Christopher Golden and not Sutter, this could help the series move forward. Also, since Disney and FX probably are not involved with the book series, it could give Sutter a chance to continue working on his creation without the involvement of the studio. 

Sam Crow

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The most interesting one of the bunch is a proper sequel to the original series. Sam Crow would have been a true continuation of the show’s story that would follow Abel and Thomas after Jax’s death. Wendy and Nero would also be involved with the series, but not much else is known about the series. Mayans M.C. has given viewers a glimpse into how the club operates after the series finale, but the chance to see the surviving members years later would be fascinating.

Aside from that, seeing Abel and Thomas grown-up could also make for an interesting show. Would they join SAMCRO? How would they feel about Jax, if they even know about his story? This series would also allow the chance to see the legacy of Jax in a focused way. Since the original show ended with his failure to achieve his goal, the series could possibly pick up from that point. Although Mayans M.C. has briefly touched on the outcome of the original show’s finale, a whole series focusing on that would be entertaining. Hopefully, Sutter will be able to find a way to tell this story at some point in the near future, whether in a book or comic book series. Or, FX could hire him back so his vision could come to life.

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