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Top Underrated Indie Switch Games

by Lia Weisbecker-Lotz Three years ago, the Nintendo Switch was released, and it quickly became one of the company’s most popular home consoles. Everyone quickly became focused on the console’s unique design and the game sequels Nintendo planned to release for it, some being: Breath of the Wild, Super Mario Odyssey, and Splatoon 2. However, one aspect of the Switch that was less marketed was the company’s decision to let indie game developers publish and port their games to the console. This has given a variety of indie games a chance at a wider audience and greater acknowledgment for their work. Here is a list of the top underrated indie games.   A Short Hike [caption id="" align="alignright" width="343"]A Short Hike for Nintendo Switch - Nintendo Game Details Image from Nintendo[/caption] Created by Adam Robinson-Yu If you love Animal Crossing, you will very likely love A Short Hike. The focus of the game is merely to relax and explore. You play a bird, named Claire, who has started living in a vast and beautiful mountain valley. As Claire, you go on adventures around the area as well as help any neighbors with some basic tasks, such as collecting shells and finding lost items. You can climb and glide your way around the mountain, allowing you to collect a variety of items and meet several friendly characters. These characters help you do minigames and activities, such as fishing or playing volleyball. The music and art style of the game adds a simple beauty that works to create a peaceful setting. Raji: An Ancient Epic [caption id="" align="alignright" width="331"]Raji: An Ancient Epic for Nintendo Switch - Nintendo Game Details Image from Nintendo[/caption] Created by Nodding Heads Games Raji: An Ancient Epic is an action-adventure game that is similar to Gods of War in both its combat and focus on mythology. Raji is a girl in ancient India whose little brother, Golu, has been stolen by demons. In order to get him back, and help the gods, she takes on the quest of defeating the demons and their leader. The game is a homage to India’s culture, as it manages to teach the player pieces of Hindu and Balinese mythology while also being beautifully painted in a traditional Indian art style. This aspect of the game helps expand its story and world as well as explain the abilities of the weapons Raji uses for combat. The game is both a hack and slash game and a platformer game, as you get to use a variety of powerful, mythical weapons and traverse India in order to save not only Raji’s brother but the world. Spiritfarer [caption id="" align="alignright" width="338"]Spiritfarer for Nintendo Switch - Nintendo Game Details Image from Nintendo[/caption] Created by Thunder Lotus Games Spiritfarer is a gorgeous management game where you play as Stella, a ferry master for the dead. You’re able to build different rooms on your boat to craft different items, grow a farm, and accommodate your passengers. Throughout the game, you get to delve into the lives of several spirits in order to help them cross over to the afterlife. The story is a major aspect of Spiritfarer. You get to take your time going through it; enjoying the beautiful, vibrant art style and setting. While you work on your boat, you also help take care of your passengers by serving them homemade meals and spending quality time with them. The game has a bit of an open world where you get to travel around to different islands and meet their inhabitants. The game also has a cooperative mode where a second player can join as Stella’s cat, Daffodil. Inmost [caption id="" align="alignright" width="336"] Image from Nintendo[/caption] Created by Hidden Layer Games This game is an incredibly beautiful and melancholic puzzle platformer. In Inmost you switch between playing three different characters: a middle-aged man, a knight, and a little girl. Each character involves a different style of gameplay in a dark, pixelated world. The little girl uses items in her house to climb around and explore, while the middle-aged man travels around a strange world and solves more complex puzzles. The knight travels in a similar world, fighting a variety of shadow enemies. While the worlds and stories seem completely different, they all end interconnected. A warning has to come with this game; however, as the story is very dark and deals with serious issues surrounding love and grief. There are hundreds of more interesting indie games that the Switch offers. This means no matter your preference, you are likely to find an indie game to fall in love with. The world is in a state of uncertainty, and while it’s important to stay informed and be involved, it’s just as important to take care of yourself and find ways to enjoy your life. Games like these are often meant to bring comfort, adventure, and catharsis. So, do yourself a favor, and try out some of these games because you might find your new favorite. More Recommendations:

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